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When we ask our clients what they love about contracting, the top answer is control over when and where they work. This is supported by research conducted by LinkedIn, which suggests that work-life balance is more important than pay to some 58% of contractors.

Articles about the advantages of contracting often suggest you’ll be clocking out early every other afternoon and taking month-long holidays in between contracts.

Beat the tax man

A great many contractors leave their tax return to the last minute, and it’s easy to see why. When you’re running your own business, you have a lot to think about. In July, a task with a deadline in January will inevitably give way to more immediate concerns.

But what if sorting it ahead of time came with a range of built-in advantages, beyond the warm, slightly smug feeling that it’s out of the way and you don’t need to worry about it anymore?

FCSA Accreditation

As anyone working in the supply industry will know, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see a trade union endorsing umbrella companies. Even though compliant umbrella companies employ and protect the rights of thousands of their members, politically it’s just not something they can do.


The management of contingent workers can be extremely demanding, especially when it isn’t the main focus of your business. For recruiters this is a familiar dilemma, as both the administrative burden and the risks on non-compliance increase.

Time and resources spent in administration and compliance activity are time and resources not spent placing candidates and earning fees. For example, your staff might find themselves:

Onshore Employment Intermediaries Legislation

In 2014, the government reacted to perceived abuse of employment status rules in the construction industry by enacting the Onshore Employment Intermediaries Legislation. At the time the introduction of the new rules caused widespread fear and uncertainty. For example, we saw providers saying it was “impossible to prove a negative” so “all CIS workers must switch to umbrella employment”. This is clearly not the case, as we’ll explain below.