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The government’s consultation on IR35 reform in the private sector closed in August. If some commentators are correct, private-sector reform may be inevitable, and it’s likely to work in the same way as 2017’s public-sector reform. There is widespread concern about the damage such reform could do, and this has fuelled criticism of HMRC’s handling of the consultation.

As part of their ongoing campaign against aggressive tax avoidance, HMRC’s disguised remuneration loan charge comes into force in April. If you have an outstanding loan balance there is no way to neatly side-step this legislation. The good news is that you could still control the damage, if you act now.

Contractor's Guide To Disguised Remuneration. Click here to download >>


Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT comes into force in April 2019, and it’s important that VAT registered contractors are aware of the new requirements, so they can make the necessary preparations.

As with any compulsory change, there is bound to be some resistance and MTD does indeed have its critics. In general, though, as long as you’re informed and you know how it affects you, most contractors have no need to worry.

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