• About Orange Genie Group

    Are you new to contracting or an established contractor? Find out more about Orange Genie Group. "Our aspiration is to improve the lives, the opportunities and well-being of freelancers and professional contractors

  • About Orange Genie Umbrella

    An award winning and a compliant PAYE umbrella company! You’ve came to the right place if you’re looking to sign-up with an umbrella company or if you would like to switch from another umbrella company. We’re one of the UK’s leading umbrella employment companies.

  • About Orange Genie Accountancy

    Are you sourcing for contractor accountants or are you looking to switch accountant? Orange Genie Accountancy can help! We’re expert contractor accountants, specialising in the freelancer and contractor market, so we can give you bespoke, high quality advice.

  • About Orange Genie Education

    Are you a supply teacher sourcing for an umbrella company? Orange Genie Education can help! We’re the UK’s leading employer of supply teachers and education support staff. We successfully employ and pay thousands of teachers on a weekly basis. We have years of experience supporting teachers.

  • Are you working in recruitment?

    Orange Genie support UK recruiters, contractors and temporary staff. We’ve got reputation for compliance and for brilliant customer service. There are great benefits available for recruiters when you refer contractors to Orange Genie.


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Orange Genie - Contracting Made Simple

Orange Genie are a contractor management company who support contractors, freelancers and temporary workers and provide a range of best value, compliant solutions tailored to their needs.

Our team of dedicated experts will help you choose the best working arrangement for you, and will continue to support you throughout your contracting career.

To start your Orange Genie journey, please either request a call back, email info@orangegenie.com or call 01296 468 483.

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